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Syntax Stratified: The Difference is Weighting™ Q3 2022 Commentary
Syntax Stratified: The Difference is Weighting™ Q2 2022 Commentary
SSPY outperforms S&P 500 in difficult quarter. Stratified diversification creates value by avoiding overweighting poorly performing growth segments (which are overweighed in the S&P 500) and relatively higher exposure to the strongly performing Energy and value stocks (which are underrepresented in the S&P 500).
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How did Clinical Trials lead to an Index Evolution?
The Markets Are Reverting Back to Rational Investing
What is the difference between Cap Weight, Equal Weight, and Stratified Weight? In the Cap Weighting methodology, the random distribution among the number of stocks in the sectors creates its own ever changing sector concentration problems.
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An early believer in index investing, Rory Riggs also thought that there had to be a more efficient way to passively
capture market returns than either conventional cap or equal weighting and set out to uncover it.
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